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Hevelianum is somewhere you can meet science and history. It is also an ideal space to pleasantly while away your free time, strolling past historic architecture and relaxing in the green surroundings. Enjoy reminiscing later about everything you discovered and the good time you had. Not only is it about Hevelianum, but also its location – a hill in the centre of Gdańsk offering great views and numerous possibilities of outdoor recreation.

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Hevelianum - Kids

We know how to encourage children to enjoy science. Try out the playground, where children can learn creativity. We offer a passionate journey around the world, so they can gain much new knowledge, plus there are workshops with educators to which everyone wants to return.

Hevelianum - Science

How can we make an electrical circuit from dough and batteries? How can we see the hidden stars emerging in dense clouds? How many colours does the rainbow have? – we look inside the atom, we examine what the eye cannot see, but we also watch bees, and we even... produce chocolate.

Hevelianum - History

Did you know that since the middle of the 17th century, Gdańskian, Prussian, French, German, during the Second World War, and for a short time in 1945 also Soviet troops have been stationed on Gradowa Hill? Many battles have been fought here.

Hevelianum - Relax

Few cities in Poland enjoy 20 hectares of green space in their centre. Gradowa Hill, where Hevelianum is located, is a beautiful area that is perfect for leisure activities, recreation and relaxation.

Hevelianum - Business

150 years ago the army stored gun carriages in the Artillery Coach House. Today the modern and environmentally-friendly building houses conference and exhibition rooms, as well as the Wozownia Gdańska restaurant. The building hosts cultural events, workshops and conferences.


Available upon ticket purchase, with a limited number of people to view the exhibition at the same time.

Zdjęcie: Around the World

Around the World

7 continents and 90 interactive stands await anyone curious about the world, regardless of age. Get to know the places, customs and phenomena that characterise them all.

Zdjęcie: Puzzle


Enter the magical world of mathematics, where abstraction becomes reality. Meet the queen of science and find how you can meet maths everywhere.

Zdjęcie: With Energy!

With Energy!

What is heat? Will a light beam set a plane in motion? How can the pollution of our planet be seen from space? Find out what energy is and what you can turn it into.


History of the Fort

Free exhibitions

Zdjęcie: Time Machine – Man and Missile

Time Machine – Man and Missile

Learn about the turbulent history of the fort by visiting the former shelters, artillery stations and ammunition laboratories, and then admire the beautiful panorama of Gdańsk.

Zdjęcie: Hevelianum without Barriers

Hevelianum without Barriers

The history and attractions of Gradowa Hill are suitable for the needs of people with disabilities. You can find mock-ups with Braille, videos with audio descriptions and even a solid portrait of Hevelius.

Zdjęcie: Playing with History

Playing with History

Explore military secrets and methods of counting cannonballs or loading weapons. Try on a uniform and fire a virtual cannon at stands controlled by your gestures.


Workshop spaces

Tuesday – Friday – for schools
Saturday – Sunday, holidays and winter breaks – also for individual visitors

Zdjęcie: Creative Playground

Creative Playground

Cztery bajkowe krainy – miejsce twórczej zabawy, gdzie bogactwo barw i kształtów zachęca do samodzielnego poznawania świata.


Price list


Around the World

Tuesday - Sunday

20 zł admission 15 zł concessions


Partners and Sponsors

Hevelianum, 6 Gradowa Street, Gdańsk

Gradowa Hill Fort

See the most beautiful panorama of the shipyard, the monuments of the Main City and enjoy the beauty of nature in the city centre.


Hevelianum is located within the limits of Gradowa Hill fort in Gdańsk. It is a fortified hill that rises to a height of about 50 metres, located in the city centre, close to the railway and bus stations. With over 20 hectares, there are many interesting vantage points and a park where you can admire not only the natural monuments but also follow marked nature paths or enjoy the playgrounds.

Na zdjęciu: Gradowa Hill Fort

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