Citizens of Russia and Belarus are excluded from participation in international AstroCamera astrophotography competition. Hevelianum, an organizer of the competition, has changed the Regulations. It is an act of solidarity with Ukrainian nation and gesture of declaration for the values forming the foundations of Europe.

Terrified by the extent of the tragedy which our neighbours from Ukraine meet with, we cannot remain indifferent to the harm done to them by armies sent by Putin and Lukashenko. In the act of protest we decided to symbolically close the sky for astrophotographers from Russia and Belarus. From today their works will not rival in the international AstroCamera competition. We have already introduced relevant provisions to the Regulations – informs Paweł Golak, director of Hevelianum.

AstroCamera is an annual competition organized by Hevelianum. It refers to astrophotography and is addressed to astronomy lovers and photography fanciers. The first edition took place in 2011. Over the years, the competition has evolved to an international scale, thanks to which we can already take pride in more or less two thousand incredible photos of the sky from all over the world.

Applications for the 2022 edition are accepted by 27th April of this year.

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