“Hevelius. A hipster or a scholar?” This is the title of our alternative history contest centred around the famous Gdańsk astronomer. The winning entry will be displayed on the wall of the 19th-century Artillery Depot, and its author will receive 5,000 zlotys. Files can be submitted until 31 May 2021. 

Johannes Hevelius was one of the greatest scholars of the 17th century. He is best remembered as an astronomer, though the range of his interests was impressive. Hevelianum is just as interdisciplinary as its patron, and to celebrate his 410th birthday, we have prepared a whole year’s worth of attractions to teach visitors about the life and achievements of the famous Gdańsk astronomer. One of these attractions is our mapping contest.
“We encourage all creators to come up with a modern take on how to promote the life story and achievements of Johannes Hevelius, who was in many ways ahead of his time”, says Dorota Ciemna, project coordinator at Hevelianum. “This unique scholar built an observatory on the roofs of his tenements, all the while brewing beer in their basements. He was a city councillor, mathematician and a builder of astronomy instruments, which he decorated himself as he was also a talented artist. We would like to tell his story using a modern medium of expression, with the help of mapping”, she adds.

A three-dimensional show combining lighting, image and sound will be displayed on the outer wall of one of the buildings on Góra Gradowa in Gdańsk – the Artillery Depot. The building itself is a unique structure originally erected in 1885 to serve as a military storage building. Restored and readapted in 2018, it delights with its preserved wattle and daub and red brick construction. It has successfully served as a mapping surface for historical projects, including the ‘(re)Konstrukcje’ event.

If you would like to participate, submit a multimedia file which offers an interesting take on the life and talents of Johannes Hevelius before 31 May 2021. You are free to choose your means of expression, though we would prefer submissions which take advantage of the building’s architectural features. The jury will select the winning entry by 30 June of the current year. Laureates will receive cash prizes: 1st place – 5,000 zlotys, 2nd place – 3,000 zlotys, 3rd place – 2,000 zlotys. Every winning entry will be presented in front of an audience at the Artillery Depot.

The terms of the contest, technical information and the submission form can be found at www.janheweliusz.pl/konkurs_mapping.

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