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The history of Góra Gradowa is covered in depth in a book published in 2020
by Jan Daniluk, plenipotentiary of the Hevelianum Director for history and cultural heritage.

The book is available at our Customer Service Centre, and by mail order.

The price is PLN 35 + shipping costs.


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The idea of creating a modern centre in Gdańsk that combines education and recreation, as well as the popularisation of natural sciences, was born in 1997 during the 1000th anniversary of the city.


The novel nature of the idea was to combine the past connected with the historical site and the future in terms to an innovative educational format. The long-term goal of the project was to integrate the area of the former fort into the urban fabric and to give it a new life in the consciousness of the inhabitants of Gdańsk and visitors.


Ten years on, and Centrum Hewelianum changed its name to Hevelianum. New times have brought new challenges.


Hevelianum continues to undertake various activities, such as to revitalise the Spa House in Brzeźno and adapt it for educational purposes, and alter the former Corpus Christi Hospital Complex, located at the foot of Gradowa Hill, for exhibition purposes. In accordance with the new statute, the mission of the Hevelianum is also to popularise the achievements of Johannes Hevelius and to promote health.

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Today we know that it was an excellent idea.

Hevelianum is the first project of its kind in Europe, where historic military engineering facilities form the base for a Knowledge Discovery Centre.

This was made possible thanks to the combined efforts by concerned groups, enthusiasts, scientists, historians and public institutions.


It is Hevelianum’s ambition to provide every visitor with something that satisfies their need for both development and relaxation.


In the former Spa House in Brzeźno, a coastal branch of Hevelianum will be established. The building adjacent to the park will house a training centre dedicated to environmental education in the broad sense of the word, with accommodation facilities. The ‘green schools’ will host pupils from all over Poland. It will be a place where projects can be implemented addressed to local inhabitants.

In the Corpus Christi Hospital Complex, we want a programme dedicated to people and the challenges we have to face in the modern world. We want to talk about it using universal language, through art for example.

Our dream is to create a planetarium on Gradowa Hill. The planetarium will not only allow us to look at the sky, but also to take care of the legacy of Johannes Hevelius, a great Gdańsk astronomer.

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