We deal with science and history, and offer a space to relax. Learning occurs through interactive exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, a mobile planetarium and special events. We use the buildings of a former military fort, through which we also promote history. We offer exhibitions, historical walks and shows with re-enactment groups. Gradowa Hill is 20 hectares of green space in the very centre of the city, a perfect place to spend your leisure time actively. Follow the programme of events, find sporting events, festivities, picnics, field walks and cultural events. For business purposes, we recommend renting our modern conference rooms and organising outdoor events.

Tło: Science
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Science is our passion. We talk about it at the interactive exhibitions, in laboratories during shows and workshops, as well as during scientific lectures. We also offer an extensive online educational base.

School children and teenagers from all levels of education can visit us together with their teachers and enjoy what we offer. Every year we prepare a rich programme of workshops, also in English, which can be supplemented by visiting exhibitions. There is no shortage of popular science choices for young people and adults, as well as an extensive programme for families. Weekends abound with occasional events and cultural attractions, so please follow our calendar.



Tło: Kids
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By ‘children’, we mean those aged 3–9 years. We offer them not only the Creative Playground, where they can experiment and develop their creativity, but also workshops with educators.

Tło: History
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At Hevelianum, we talk about history in a modern and accessible way. We use the buildings of the former military fort as a natural background for exhibitions about the past.

Tło: Relax
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You can visit to walk your dog, run, practise yoga, organise a picnic or simply sit on the grass overlooking the panorama of Gdańsk.

Check the Hevelianum calendar of events, and enjoy mapping exhibitions, guided walks or shows with re-enactment groups.

Take a picture while visiting us – it’s beautiful at any time of the year!

Tło: Business
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The Hevelianum space is open to companies, organisations and individuals. Here you can organise a conference, a workshop, training, a team-building event or a reunion with your high school class.

And for your guests we can prepare a tour of the fort, an experiment show or educational workshops.



  • conference rooms in a historic military building, with multimedia equipment, which can accommodate 50 to 270 people
  • exhibition area up to 400 square meters
  • banquet hall
  • scientific and historical attractions – exhibitions, workshops, shows
  • 20 hectares of recreational space on Gradowa Hill and a beautiful panoramic view of the city
  • perfect location in the centre of Gdańsk



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