“If humans had only been doing what they thought was possible since the Stone Age,
they would still be sitting in caves today.”

Stanisław Lem (1921–2006),
-quote from the book titled “Fiasco”


The idea of the competition To the stars was born in 2019, during the World Space Week. The event’s main theme was back then “Moon: gate to the stars”, which inspired us to think about big and small space missions and how to inspire young people to think about their future in this context. World Space Agencies are working hard to send man back to the Moon not to visit it, but to stay on it, and then travel to the Mars and beyond. Also in Poland there is a strong cosmic sector – which might be less known – but which is constantly searching for the new employees. We think it is a perfect moment to show that the future of young generation of people may lay in working on small and big space missions.

We would like to invite all primary school students (including last year of preschool – so called “zerówka”) from all the schools located in Poland as well as all polish schools from around the world to take part in our competition.

Students’ work must be submitted by a teacher using a form written in polish (more information on polish version of this page), but the work itself can be prepared in one of 3 languages: Polish, English or Ukrainian.

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