Zdjęcie: Fot. Hevelianum
Source: Fot. Hevelianum

14 permanent exhibitions designed to show the extremely turbulent history of this part of the city, presented in the historic and restored parts of the former fort – in the shelters, artillery stations and ammunition laboratories. We present not only episodes from the history of the fort, but also arcane knowledge from the art of war, such as the history of black powder. In addition to the exhibition about the sieges of 1734, 1807 and 1813, visitors can learn more about the Prussian garrison in Gdańsk, about who played and lived in the fort during the period of the Free City of Gdańsk, and finally see how the so-called jammer of Radio Free Europe worked. Everything is complemented by realistic scenery, including presentations, photos and information models for the inquisitive.


The tour route runs along the earthworks created according to the old plans. It is a fascinating environment for fortification aficionados, while anyone can admire the beautiful panorama of Gdańsk.

History of the Fort

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