Zdjęcie: Fot. Hevelianum
Source: Fot. Hevelianum

This is for all our visitors, but especially those with disabilities. We have equipped the facility with handrails to facilitate movement, videos are provided with audio descriptions, and the mock-ups have signs in Braille.


You can experience an unusual meeting with the turbulent history of Gradowa Hill – the turmoil from the times of glory and decline, the course of the most important battles and the history of the most interesting objects on Gradowa Hill – presented in the form of video presentations. You will learn what a caponier was used for, how a reduit differs from a redoubt, and what history is hidden in the massive buttresses of the Mortar Battery. The main attractions of the exhibition, however, are the bronze tactile mock-ups of the area of Hevelianum, the panorama of Gdańsk and the solid portrait of Jan Hevelius, for example. And for anyone with nerves of steel there is … the fort ghost.


‘Hevelianum without barriers’ allows you to discover Gradowa Hill in many ways, and helps the blind to ‘see’ what has so far remained inaccessible to them. The facility is fully adapted to the needs of the disabled.

The history and attractions of Gradowa Hill

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