The Movement Lab is a unique scientific and educational laboratory, where the past meets the present. It is an ideal place for interdisciplinary activities. The common denominator of the laboratory equipment available here is movement – in water and in air, as well as in space, remote-controlled or chaotic.

‘And yet it moves,’ Galileo’s words resonate in the Movement Lab, where everyone can see for themselves how movement is present in every area of life.

Our educators introduce you to a world of movement, which is inaccessible to the public on a daily basis, and each of them allows you to see the movement through the prism of another science. Learn about the movement of comets in space, the issues of time and space, explore the fascinating world of continuous movement in our blood vessels, and see how to control the movement of robots.

The tour with the educator takes place on Saturdays at 1 pm.

  • teenagers over 12 years old and adults

In order to organise a workshop in English, please make your request in advance.


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